Royal tailor's shop created for the most sophisticated clients who appreciate exclusivity and perfection in everything regarding the look of a successful man

Tailoring of Luxury Men’s Clothing

Appearance plays a vital role in the business world. And if you want your clothes to stress your high status and pure test, order unique bespoke clothes in Punto Mosca.

Luxury Tailor’s Shop of VIP Men’s Clothing – when the quality comes first

Punto Mosca offers high-level service and a possibility to get truly exclusive clothes made from the best fabrics. Our tailor’s shop of luxury clothing alteration and tailoring works with the most sophisticated VIP customers in Moscow.

Whatever thing you order – business, everyday or ceremonial suit, shirt or coat, the item will fit you perfectly, accentuating your benefits and hiding problem areas. The tailor’s shop Punto Mosca uses Italian technologies and invites specialists from Naples to create unique men’s clothing and to make every element of your look conformed to the highest standards.


Top grade from tip to toe

We provide such services as luxury cloths tailoring, manufacturing of shoes that will become the reflection of your status and success. Our products gained the right to be called luxury clothes due to:

  • “bespoke” technology that refers only to individual pattern without using standards resulting into a perfect fit;
  • manual production of every detail that allows us to achieve a high quality of cutout and stitches;
  • individual tailoring of men’s clothing from the best Italian and British fabrics that ensure comfort and durability of a product.

We create suits for any occasion, including business negotiations, elite parties, meeting with friends. In addition, you can bespeak upscale shirt, tie, coat and shoes. With every completed order Sartoria Reale confirmed its title as VIP tailor’s shop of luxury clothing alteration and tailoring. Once you try on cloths tailored exclusively for you, you won’t be able to reject this privilege.

Use the services of tailor’s shop of luxury clothing alteration today

Join the club of chosen ones who have already discovered all advantages of Punto Mosca.

  1. You can order the tailoring of luxury men’s clothing using our phone number in Moscow. Our operators will answer any of your questions and coordinate the time of your meeting with our expert.
  2. You can meet with a tailor for the first stage of the luxury cloths tailoring – taking measurements. The meeting can be held at our shop or at any other place comfortable for you. You will express all your wishes and we will take them into account while working.
  3. The tailoring itself is made by the tailor from Naples who comes to Moscow specially for the first and final trying on.
  4. When ready your new cloths will be delivered from Italy and then you can take them at your convenience.

In order to remain self-confident afford the best – bespoke clothes from luxury tailor’s shop of men’s clothing.

Every item in Punto Mosca is manufactured according to “bespoke” technology, which involves individual cutout without standards strictly by customer’s measurements. This approach guarantees the highest comfort, freedom of movements and a perfect fit. To preserve close control of technologies and quality all clothes and shoes are tailored exclusively in Italy
Unchallenged talent of Neapolitan tailors allowed Punto Mosca to create its own suit line tailored with the best traditions of Italian tailor's school. Ready-to-wear suits of Punto Mosca will become the best solution for those customers who appreciate quick order receipt. Bought ready-to-wear suit is going through every necessary change to maximize comfort of its future owner.
While working on your style you need to pay enough attention to the accessories as they touch up the overall masterpiece of harmonious appearance. Badly selected accessories can marred the effect even of very expensive and quality suit. That is why the choice of accessories should be on the same level as the choice of a suit.