The Cerruti name is known all around the world as a synonym of success and style – this is one of the loudest and most prestigious names in the luxury industry.

The history of the Cerruti fashion house started in 1881 when brothers Antonio, Kventino and Stefano Cerruti found the factory of wool fabrics manufacturing in Italian town Biella. The company specialized in manufacturing of the highest quality wool fabrics. The raw material was supplied basically from the South Africa and Australia. Up to now the Cerruti fabrics are made in the same workshop.

The Antonio’s grandson Nino Cerruti as a young designer brought the worldwide fame to the Cerruti brand. He perfected an existing manufacturing facility and started a new direction – opened man’s suit manufacturing factory.

As a talented designer Nino Cerruti created a peculiar unmatched style based on the harmonious combination of English aristocracy and Italian sanguinity.

He was sure that a true elegance is based on comfort.

From that point new technical innovations for fibre creation are introduced in production. They include superthin thread “super 100”, then “super 120”, “super 150”, “super 180” and even “super 210” followed.

The designer gave pride place to material quality. Since it is the highest quality material makes the item truly comfortable and inimitable one should use the highest quality material.

It is remarkable that before opening his own tailor’s shop Giorgio Armani worked under Cerruti’s lead.

In 1980s the Fashion house Cerruti quite successfully cooperated with the film industry. The characters of “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Pretty woman”, “Basic instinct” and others were in Cerruti’s suits.

Besides in 1944 Cerruti became the official designer of the famous team Scuderia Ferrari.

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