Today Turkish fabrics and clothes are high quality and competitive product and it is not only a part of mass consumer goods, but also expensive clothes “haute couture”.

The company Soktas that was founded in 1971 is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality cotton.

The elaboration of new fabrics and mixes is a priority for the company. A new cotton fabric of extra class is manufactured from special hybrid seeds that are grown in the Turkish territory. Their cooperative project with cotton research institution - long-fibre cloth that can compete with Egyptian Giza.

Italian suit reflects the words "elegance" and "style" like nothing else. The Punto Mosca suit represents the combination of a traditional elegance and original details that are highly evaluated by the customers. Soft and light fabrics, high quality of the tailoring and excellent cutout give the feeling of independence and comfort and reveal your true self emphasized by the elegance and the class.
A shirt made by Italian specialists exclusively for you makes a perfect addition to the luxury suit. High quality tailoring, fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers and a perfect cutout provide you with a maximum comfort. And the possibility to choose the colour, fabric, the design and also the details allows you to become the owner of the unique, on-of-a-kind item created specially for you.
"Sartoria Reale" offers the service of the man's shoes bespoke tailoring made to your measures that is highly valued by the real lover of individuality. You can design an ideal model for you in accordance with your preferences and peculiarities of your foot structure: choose the shoe last, colour, material and findings.