E. Marinella

It’s our pleasure to inform you that the tailor’s shop Punto Mosca also supplies luxury ties “E. Marinella”.

In the beginning of 20th century Eugenio Marinella founded one of the most successful Neapolitan brands. In 1914 right before the World War II, Don Eugenio opened a little shop on the Piazza Vittoria next to the one of the most beautiful seafront in Italy, showing his outstanding courage and inventiveness. Soon the “E. Marinella” became the true treasury of the best examples of a good taste, a real piece of England in Naples.

The 80s became a so-called cherry pie for the company thanks to Francesco Cossiga, who was the President of the Republic and a friend of Marinella family. He became a unique brand representative as he used to grant a box of five Marinella ties to every head of state during different summits.

That is how the brand’s “world journey” began. G-7 summit organized in Naples in 1994 was a new successful event for the company as it unlocked the doors to the very narrow privileged circle of the big world suppliers: the event organizers decided to present a box of six Marinella ties to every head of state on the summit. It encouraged a further promotion of the brand.

This little shop has always been and remains the meeting point of the most elegant and stylish people from every corner of  the world. The credit  for it goes to three generation of Marinella family that has never tried to widen its company but has always preferred their brand to be associated with the image of a little cosy shop that offers high quality product in composed, but informal atmosphere as it did 100 years ago. Don Eugenio is also a founder of “Marinella philosophy”. “E. Marinella” isn’t just a shop but is rather a drawing-room where politeness and respect dominate in people relationship.

The real “E.Marinella” tie can be easily recognised by a texture: the domain is a special backing and the density of the knot. The widness and density of the knot are changed depending on the taste and peculiarities of its future owner, for example, his height. It provides a real “bespoke” tailoring that was used for the tie for the first time ever.”E. Marinella” ties are cut out and tailored by skillful tailors in Neapolitan studio. Patterns and prints that were printed out in the UK has become the brand’s identity.

5-, 7- and 9-fold ties are more valuable and exclusive models in comparison with a classic as its manufacturing process is more complicated, takes more time and more material. Such items don’t have backing.

The company founder Don Eugenio Marinella had been trying to express man’s elegancy for the whole his life. This elegancy shows as starched shirt, topper and walking sticks. He has a congenital excellent sense of taste and strict elegancy. These are several advices that Don Eugenio left to the lovers of elegancy and delicate style:

  • It’s always important to choose the size properly. The most preferable size for the tie is 8.9-9.5 cm in the widest point.

  • It’s important to learn how to knot a tie correctly without drawing it too tight. In the evening you should undo a knot and leave a tie to weigh out for a night.

  • It’s essential to select a material wisely: jacquard silk tie is for the ties in a“regimental” style, the lighter silk is for ties with patterns or prints, striped wool or wool with patterns is for warmer winter clothes.

  • Every event requires different tie: the light-coloured ties are preferable in day time while evenings ask for darker colours.

  • Don’t trust anyone with a tie selection. The only rule is to follow your undersense. The choice of a tie must be irrational.

  • Nevertheless even your undersense should keep in with certain logic. One should avoid too big and bright images, ties with one big centered pattern or, vice versa, too monotonous and boring ties. It’s important to remember that the tie is a reflection of its owner's identity.

  • It’s preferable to choose a one colour-grade tie with small pattern (spotted, with dots, checks, diamond, etc); it should be two- or maximum three-coloured.

  • The tie should stand out against the suit and the shirt without clashing with a colour grade. The tie should be darker than the shirt but lighter than the suit. However it is essential not to overdose: you should avoid bright green, canary-yellow, flame-red or candy pink. The darker and calmer colours are more suitable such as: dark red, vinous, blue. Green and brown.

  • The combination of a tie and a shirt is a real “mine area” where your only guide is your own good taste. In any case, you should avoid wearing a bright patterned tie with plaid shirt or striped tie with striped suit.

  • In addition, surprisingly, too tidy and sleek look should also be evaded, some elegant carelessness in the outlook would not be out of place.


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