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Bespoke Suit Tailoring

In the business world every little detail can affect your success. If you wear bespoke tailored suit from luxury tailor's shop in Moscow Punto Mosca, the success will follow you.

The fabric used for suit tailoring is one of the key factors determining the quality of a suit. In our catalogue you can find the clothes at a reasonable price made from the best-in-class materials. In manufacturing, we use only the fabrics of European manufacturers: Abraham MoonDormeuilHolland & SherryCerrutiGuabelloJohn FosterLoro PianaLanificio di TolegnoScabalWilliam HalsteadCharles ClaytonErmenegildo Zegna.

These names are well known among admirers of premium class designer clothes. The products of named brands is valued for its wearing quality, fancy look and elegant modaration of colours. Our rule is to offer our customers clothes corresponding to their status. That is why these high quality fabrics will be the basics of your future suits.

The best Italian specialists are working for you

пошив костюмов по индивидуальным размерам

The best Neapolitan tailors collaborate with us. They create clothes that speak of your status without displaying labels. The quality of bespoke suit is in individual cutout, luxury fabrics and high-class manufacturing of small details. Sartoria Reale gives you all these advantages without leaving Moscow.

Specially for you the tailor comes from Italy to take measurements. Bespoke tailoring of suits is available for you. We agreed every detail with you to make sure that ready item is compatible with all your requirements.

Bespoke tailoring of suits in Punto Mosca always gives an excellent result элитный пошив костюмов

Order of the clothes creation at Sartoria Reale gives you:

  • quality fabrics from proven manufactures of great wearable quality and luxury look;
  • exclusive design that can be created with your help. That makes this tailor-made luxury suite really customized and unique;
  • "bespoke" technology that doesn't imply using standards and that means the suit will be made exclusively to your measurements and it will emphasize all your advantages.

Bespoke tailoring of men's suits is an affordable luxury

Choose Italian quality! Just call our tailor's shop Sartoria Reale in Moscow to use our service of bespoke tailoring of suit at favorable price.

пошив мужских костюмов

Fabrics samples

Abraham Moon


Holland & Sherry


Loro Piana

Lanificio di Tolegno

Ermenegildo Zegna

Italian suit reflects the words "elegance" and "style" like nothing else. The Punto Mosca suit represents the combination of a traditional elegance and original details that are highly evaluated by the customers. Soft and light fabrics, high quality of the tailoring and excellent cutout give the feeling of independence and comfort and reveal your true self emphasized by the elegance and the class.
A shirt made by Italian specialists exclusively for you makes a perfect addition to the luxury suit. High quality tailoring, fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers and a perfect cutout provide you with a maximum comfort. And the possibility to choose the colour, fabric, the design and also the details allows you to become the owner of the unique, on-of-a-kind item created specially for you.
"Sartoria Reale" offers the service of the man's shoes bespoke tailoring made to your measures that is highly valued by the real lover of individuality. You can design an ideal model for you in accordance with your preferences and peculiarities of your foot structure: choose the shoe last, colour, material and findings.